Fire Rating

Fire Resistant finishes for enhanced protection

At Bradleys we have undertaken Fire Rating Tests for a large number of our finishes to ensure they are suitable for a range of substrates including aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, and other non-combustible substrates.

In addition, we have conducted fire rating tests on a selection of best-in-class anti-corrosion pre-treatments, including our flagship QUALIZINC® Arc Metal Spray, and our premium range long-life Bondakote® primer, each at controlled thickness levels.

Materials reaction to Fire through the European Standard BS EN 13501-1 classifies construction and building products from A1 through to F and rates their performance reaction to fire. This uses four elements of data which includes extent of burning and damage, flame spread, heat release, smoke production and flaming droplets.

Our Fire Rated finishes in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 are classified as A2-s1,d0:

• A2 – No significant contribution to fire and will not lead to flashover
• s1 – Little or no smoke production
• d0 – No flaming droplets / particles

This is particularly important for coatings used externally on residential buildings in excess of 11 metres in England and Scotland as set out by Building Regulations as defined by UK government’s approved document Part B: Fire Safety which requires an A1 or A2-s1,d0 classification.

Where an A2-s1,d0 Fire rating is required, please select the fire rated finish options – look out for the Fired Rated shield across our samples library and Product Data Sheets.

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