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A reliable partner for metal fabricators

Building productive, enduring relationships with metal fabricators has been at the heart of our business for many years. Companies across the UK rely on us to deliver a comprehensive range of metal finishing services, from industry-standard techniques such as powder coating and wet paint spraying to specialist processes and bespoke finishes.

Our customer relationships are founded on trust and confidence. As a fabricator, working with a metal finisher you can consistently rely on for quality and efficiency is vital to the success of your business. At Bradleys we can help you deliver the impressive results that keep your customers coming back for more.

So much more than just metal finishing services

The beauty of using Bradleys is that we’re more than just a supplier of high-quality metal finishing services. We’re happy to consult with you, advise you and support you as an expert partner. For all our metal coatings we can provide detailed product information data on performance, maintenance and sustainability.

You can also be totally confident in our quality control standards, which include being a Qualisteelcoat accredited company. Find out more about our quality standards and guarantees here.

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