Warm-to-Touch Coatings

Warm-to-Touch Coatings

Through many years of experience, testing and innovation, Bradleys Metal Finishers have developed an exclusive warm-to-touch system which is an advance on nylon and complies with BS 8300: 2001.

The relevant physical data for warm-to-touch coatings is the specific heat capacity. The lower the specific heat capacity, the quicker it will heat up and reach the same temperature as the hand (giving the illusion that it is warmer to the touch).

The Bradleys AK Polyester modified system has a value of 0.29 kcal/kg/°C compared with nylon at 0.58 kcal/kg/°C. The thermal conductivity figures for nylon and Bradleys AK system are similar with nylon at 0.3 watts per metre kelvin and Bradleys AK at 0.27 watts per metre kelvin (mild steel is 60 watts per metre kelvin).

Although very similar to nylon, the Bradleys AK system is more superior due to it’s lower specific heat capacity.

Bradleys warm-to-touch coating can be applied over our QUALIZINC® Arc Metal Spray to internal or external metalwork. The Duplex AK modified resin system can also be applied over thermal zinc spray coatings to a RAL or BS colour of your choice.

Warm-to-touch Handrail