Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality monitoring and testing of your project begins from the moment it arrives until completion. Every consignment of work upon arrival is subject to a thorough goods inward inspection and is constantly monitored at every stage of the production process. Bradleys have their own laboratory and sophisticated testing equipment allowing processing to be monitored and approved to the relevant specifications.

To influence the final outcome you must start by having the right specification. The mechanical properties and performance of a coated component then depends on the correct application, the products used, and the monitoring throughout the processing stages. In the conclusion of the project you also need a peace of mind by receiving a certificate of conformity and a strong guarantee. A guarantee with big headlines does not necessarily cover what you need in the small print. In fact it may be next to useless!

Bradleys are able to assist our clients in all of these areas whether it involves finding a special colour, effect or match, or whether it is to ensure that the coatings on your project remain how you want them to, for as long as you want them to.

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