Aluminium Pretreatment

Aluminium is a lightweight, versatile and durable metal, which is used in all kinds of construction and manufacturing applications, from window and door frames to wall panels and partitions. To ensure excellent results from powder coating, aluminium must be subjected to rigorous pretreatment to ensure thorough cleaning and surface preparation. Consulting with an expert, who will take the time to understand your project and is an experienced metal coater, will ensure the longevity and quality of your completed project.

At Bradleys our intensive, quality-assured nine-stage aluminium pretreatment process includes full-immersion acid cleaning plus an acid etch to eliminate defects and provide a superior matt surface for further chemical treatment. This guarantees effective surface preparation for sheets or preformed fabrications, ensuring excellent application and adhesion of the powder coating.

Pretreament Plant in action - close-up
Pretreatment plant in action - close-up