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Experts in metal finishing for the manufacturing industry

High-quality metal finishing is crucial to the manufacturing process in a wide range of industry sectors, including automotives, aerospace, power supply, petrochemicals, healthcare and transport. At Bradleys we’re experienced in providing reliable metal finishing services for manufacturers to deliver excellent performance and durability.

From protection coatings for lightweight alloys to galvanized steel components, we offer a wide range of metal finishing services that are both efficient and cost effective. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and ensure that we meet your objectives and budget.

Authoritative advice on your metal finishing options

If you’re planning to launch a new product or evolve your production processes, we’ll be happy to consult and collaborate with you at the earliest stages of the project. As a specialist metal finisher, we can offer your expert advice on the right type of metal coating to use, as well as providing data on key properties such as fire resistance, corrosion resistance and sustainability. We can also help you ensure that the chosen metal surface coating meets your targeted manufacturing cost per unit.

Reliable quality standards are built in to all our metal finishing processes. Find out more about our Qualisteelcoat accredition plus other quality standards and guarantees here.

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