Site Repairs

We operate to the very highest standards in all our metal finishing processes. However, despite our rigorous quality control, there’s always the possibility of finding minor flaws or other defects in the coating during or after installation.

When you choose Bradleys, you have the reassurance of knowing that we will respond quickly and effectively to any on-site issues. We provide a 24-hour response to remedy unsatisfactory work and also offer an on-site inspection service to expertly assess any quality issues. We can handle all post-installation on-site repairs quickly and efficiently, including providing a specialist service for repair of crafted finishes.

For minor chips, scratches or blemishes, we offer a range of colour-matched brush touch-up pens and aerosols.

Fabrication Repairs

We understand the importance of meeting production deadlines without compromising on quality. Our years of experience with the fabricator industry means we can identify any potential pre-coating non-conformance issues prior to coating. We will liaise with you to help provide an efficient solution, ensuring minimal impact on production flow and timings.

Our quality control starts from the moment we receive your fabrication into our metal finishing facility. Typically all metalwork is photographed and measured as part of the goods-in procedure and whilst fabrication issues or metal defects are not always obvious, we endeavour to alert our customers if we pick anything up.

Our highly experienced in-house welder can carry out minor fabrication repairs quickly and effectively. We can also provide an expert filling service for scratches, pinholes and weld holes, as well as a post-coating weld filling service.

Welder Close-up