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High-quality metal finishing for the construction industry

Steel and other architectural metals are being used more and more in commercial and residential construction. Therefore, metal finishing now plays a major role in all kinds of building projects, from large-scale office developments to bespoke, ‘grand design’ homes.

At Bradleys we collaborate proactively with developers and building contractors. Our metal coating solutions not only enhance the aesthetics of the building, but are also practical and durable. We can also provide valuable expert advice, helping you ensure that the specified finish delivers the best return on investment, longevity and low maintenance costs.

A wide range of metal coatings from a name you can trust

From steel railings and facade panels to aluminium seating and sculptural features, we can deliver high-quality metal finishing services for all kinds of interior and exterior usage. As well as finishes such as powder coating, wet paint spraying and thermal zinc metal spraying, we also offer specialist processes such as anti-graffiti coatings and anti-bacterial coatings.

In any construction project it’s vital to work with partners you can trust to get the job done, not just on time but to consistently high standards. Bradleys is a metal finisher you can rely on time and time again to deliver excellent results and efficient service. Our proven expertise and rigorous quality control standards speak for themselves, guaranteeing exceptional performance and durability.

Find out more about our Qualisteelcoat accredition plus other quality standards and guarantees here.