Corrosion Classes

Corrosion Classes

The corrosion classes are very important when considering a finish to ensure the correct finish is specified to suit the environment the project is going into. 

Different environments have greater or lesser weathering impact on the coatings. 

The Environmental Categories are measured from low to high – C1 to C5 where C1 is internal and dry through to C5 which represents a much more aggressive environment such as coastal areas with high salinity. 

They are measured by the loss if zinc in microns over the course of a year. 

Bradleys will explore these categories with you when discussing a project to ensure the right finish is used and maximum durability is realised. 

The majority of inner city London would be classed as a C3 where Bradleys do a lot of work over against Hastings Pier which would be a C5 environment. 

Apart from swimming pool areas, interior environments obviously don’t need a high level of corrosion protection, but in exterior environments Bradleys Q-Zinc System with a Vantage High Grade architectural Powder is an excellent choice which will work right up to a C5 environment. 

Environmental Categories