Qualisteelcoat – a mark of excellence

As a specialist in metal finishing, we’re honoured to have been awarded Qualisteelcoat accreditation for the 7th year in a row. It’s the International Gold Standard in coating systems for steel, providing the highest levels of quality assurance to our customers.

What is Qualisteelcoat?

Qualisteelcoat is an International Quality Label for powder coating and other organic coatings on untreated steel or steel which has been Hot Dip Galvanized or Thermal Zinc Sprayed.

As a Qualisteelcoat accredited metal finisher, we don’t just use a high quality coating for steel. Our expertise and state-of-the-art processes guarantee you excellent results and performance, as well as durability, value for money and sustainability.

Why does our Qualisteelcoat accreditation matter?

It’s about having total confidence in our standards and service. The rigorous benchmarks of Qualisteelcoat cover much more than just quality control. The Qualisteelcoat mark shows that our processes and customer service have met or exceeded a range of key performance indicators, including:

  • guaranteed delivery times
  • full compliance with standards and technical specifications
  • commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities
  • staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology
  • continuous monitoring of quality standards and regular independent inspections.

Qualisteelcoat accreditation – the benefits

  • Long life – unlike ordinary metal coating warranty systems, Qualisteelcoat guarantees exceptional anti-corrosion protection and a finish that looks good for longer.
  • Cost control– a coating certified by Qualisteelcoat delivers excellent value for money with low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Good for the environment– Qualisteelcoat accredited metal finishers must be committed to sustainability. That means using solvent and lead-free metal coatings and doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

For more information on Qualisteelcoat visit qualisteelcoat.netemail us or call us on 01473 461400.

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