Anti-Graffiti Metal Coatings

Unauthorised graffiti is a serious and costly problem in many urban areas. With an estimated annual cost of clean-up projects in the UK amounting to a staggering £1bn a year. All too often the vandalism is unsightly, offensive or anti-social in nature. The high cost and inconvenience of clean-up operations, means that many architects and developers are now opting for pre-emptive solutions in the form of anti-graffiti metal coatings.

Our anti-graffiti metal coatings are specially formulated to provide a hardwearing resilient surface that’s easy to clean. Graffiti which has been applied with spray cans, brushes or markers can be removed by jet washing with water, eliminating the need for expensive remedial treatments and without discolouring the surface or affecting its texture. Also resistant to fly posting, these specialist metal coatings are ideal for all public locations, including children’s play areas, apartment block stairwells, station platforms and highways as well as many other external environments.

Grafitti Artist with Spray Can