The Metalage Collection of Aged Finishes for Steel is a superior highly durable finishing system designed to age the steel through surface conversion to retain an outstanding decorative finish which is protected and durable.

Metalage Zinc Age incorporates real zinc which is hand-aged to bring life to the steel surface. Suitable for mild steel architectural components in commercial, residential, and public spaces with high demands to appearance.

Very suited to areas of high public use, where long term durability is required and low maintenance. Metalage is a forgiving finish, where scratches and marks through wear and tear simply become a part of the character.

Metalage offers a unique robust surface design and partners very well with the architectural market where quality and consistency are paramount. It is a hand finished process. You can expect variances which will only add to the authenticity of your finish.


  • Great aesthetic character
  • Surface variation and areas of relief
  • Instant historical value
  • Ages naturally overtime


  • Resistance to scratches and marking
  • Easy clean
  • Low maintenance and repairable
  • Long-life durability


  • Zinc can be recycled
  • Sustainable resource
  • Natural component

Repair & Maintenance

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy clean
  • Colour matched repair systems available for localised repairs
  • On-site repair available for installation damage and any incurred damage throughout the design life
  • Surface scuffs, scratches and deep scores can be repaired