Tailored Services

Tailored Services

Bradleys often receive requests for specialist and bespoke services, whether it is unusual masking requirements, special coatings or even for additional products. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any needs you may have.


With architectural features made of metal playing an ever-greater role in construction, project delivery plans are becoming increasingly complex.

To enable you to avoid time-consuming on-site assembly processes, we offer a reliable in-house assembly service for metal fabrications and components. Where required, this can also include completing the cladding and deck fitting.

Our expert team are highly experienced in fabrication handling and assembly. We also have in-house training facilities to provide thorough preparation for complicated assembly jobs.

Assembly 01


Clear labelling of metal fabrications or components can be an essential requirement in a complex construction project or manufacturing production line.

We can provide a bespoke labelling service for individual items, enabling easier identification, tracking and installation. Our blast and heatproof labelling ensures durability throughout the production process. We also offer a mechanical scribing service for permanent marking on a wide range of metal surfaces.

Close up of works label


Efficient masking of fabrications and components can be crucial to the effectiveness of the finished item and the overall design of the building or product. At Bradleys we offer a range of tailored masking services, including precision masking, dual colour masking and total facia masking for one-side-only applications.

For windows and doors, we can implement thermal break masking to ensure the integrity of the thermal break is not compromised in the metal coating process. We also offer blast proof masking for threads and studs, and plugging for threaded holes.

Close-up of masking on pump assembly after primer