SteelAge | Metal Blackening Effect

Bradleys SteelAge® Range

SteelAge is a superior range of the highly trending chemical blackening style finishes formulated for external and internaluse. Designed to capture the blackened steel effect through a multi-stage surface conversion process to retain anoutstanding decorative finish which is highly protective and more durable than traditional chemical blackening. Excellent forarchitectural applications and ideally suited to public spaces and high-traffic areas due to its superior resistance to wearand tear, and with no danger of dirtying or damaging clothing or property.

SteelAge is available in three finishes:

• Fired Steel
• Burnished Steel
• Aged Bronze Stipple

Suitable for Architectural Metalwork:

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Cast Metals
Zinc based substrates


• Excellent appearance characteristics
• Zero risk of staining clothing or paving areas
• No damage or weakening to the substrate
• Chemically stable
• Exterior & Interior
• Instant varied finish
• 25 Year anti-corrosion
• Up to 30 year Warranty (dependant upon environment and substrate)


•  Accelerated Weathering Test ISO 16474-2 2-10 (1000 hrs) > = 90% Gloss retention
Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test ISO 9227 Passed 1008 hrs < 16mm2 corrosion / 10cm

Fire Rating

Tested to A2-s1,d0 on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
Where A2-s1,d0 is required please contact Bradleys for fire rated specification

Repair & Maintenance

Mild Steel + Qualizinc + SteelAge: design life of over 60 years
Aluminium + SteelAge: design life of over 30 years
Stainless Steel + SteelAge: design life of over 60 years
Cast Iron + Qualzinc + SteelAge: design life of over 60 years
Mild Steel + Galvanising + SteelAge: design life of over 30 years subject to Galvanising DFT and fettling standards
Simple and easy to clean with pH neutral water and soft cloth or sponge
Expected life to first maintenance – 30 years

Advantages against chemical blackening

No dangerous chemicals used for blackening
No inconsistencies due to atmospheric conditions
• No adverse damage or reaction to the substrate


Embodied carbon: A1-A3 (production stage) 3.70 kg CO₂ eq/kg
Recyclability: Can be removed for the base material to be recycled or re-used

SteelAge Fired Steel
SteelAge Fired Steel
Fired Steel
SteelAge Aged Bronze Stipple
Aged Bronze Stipple
SteelAge Burnished Steel
Burnished Steel